Mom/Wife Life


“Hey Mom”, “Mom”, “Mommy”

 {Laugh, I know you want to} 

  The reason your laughing is because you know just how true this is for every “Mommy”.      Every. Single. Day.

 I have “4” children myself. Two girls, Baylee (age 9, will be 10 in June) and Ariel (age 8). Then there is my rotten two boys, Hunter (age 4, will be 5 in June) and Asher (8 months). !!! Let me add that I am also married !!! {SMH} What does that even matter though, Right? We all know that the kiddos will never fail to scream “MOMMY” before they ever even think to ask “Dad”.  I mean, what makes us “Mothers” so special? Could it be that we manage multiple task’s at one time? Could it be that we are always right? <lol> Or maybe, IMG_1376just maybe they absolutely love to annoy the EVER LIVING CRAP out of us! 

   Yeah, I’m going with the last hypothesis.

I would be RICH if I charged a fee when answering to every time I hear them call  “Mommy”. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother. I consider myself very #blessed to experience “Motherhood”. I’m just simply stating the facts here; Mother’s never get a day off, nor do we ever experience what the word “vacation” means. 

A MOTHER’S JOB IS NEVER FINISHED. {“Mom, “Mommy”, “Mother”}

 Being a mother requires strength beyond words. Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally!IMG_1374

I know this may not be the best thing you have read  today, but I’m sure it has hit home with some. Be thankful those little’s want “Mommy” more than anything or anyone else. Time will come to pass, and you will have to give him/her away. You will miss the screams, the dirty rooms, cooking the family dinner, washing their clothes 50x a week, sweeping and mopping the floors more than you would like, the fussing, the mid-night phone calls, the lectures, and most of all…Tucking them safely into their beds at night after telling them how much you love them.

The point is, We should enjoy Every. Single. Minute we have with our babies and never take for granted the gift GOD has given us. Not everyone has the privilege to bare children. Cherish these moments… We only have one chance at this!IMG_1375

One day the little feet will grow; You will hear them no more, & The silence you once longed for, now haunts you at their doors. 








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