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Understanding Hebrews 6:19

“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.”kjsbdj

The “soul” is the ship; The “sea” is the world; The “hope” resting on faith of the “anchor” that is keeping the vessel from being tossed around the water; The “cable” is the promise and oath of GOD, whom is connecting the vessel to the anchor. As the world which is referred to as the sea that tries to toss the vessel around, Christ, the high priest whom who we know as the anchor, is going before us to enable us through him to enter the veil. (Let me better explain so there is better understanding. When an anchor is thrown into the water, it sinks deep down beneath the waters and fastens itself, so the vessel can stay still.)

thOX2GJ3UY Christ, being our anchor fastens himself at the right hand of God, allowing us to  enter into the veil, also known as the “Holy of Holies” where God himself can receive his children.



thRQW8WL6SThe hope we have in our anchor has entered heaven and made us who believe in him and walk in light anew person, reborn, brought back to life with his death on the cross, so that we can receive all things promised to us. The soul, which is referred to as the vessel, has not fear of shipwreck because Jesus, “the anchor” is fastened deeply into the bliss beneath the waters at the right hand of GOD. We can trust that this is true and with faith as small as a mustard seed, our vessel, our soul can and will withstand the tossing and roaring of the waters.thG3VDYKKE

For God is not unjust. He will never forget all the work we believers have done for him. Loving others as he loves us. Not giving up on fellow believers just has he has not given up on us. With this “hope” you will not become spiritually dull, needing to be spoon fed as before. Instead you will receive all of God’s promises because of your faith and endurance.

During Jesus’ ministry on earth he performed in the true Tabernacle, not of earth but of heaven. Since he holds the supreme power, his ministry surpasses the Levitical priesthood. The ministry of Jesus was performed under the new covenant of God’s grace. Through the minds and hearts of all believers, God is able to have a relationship with his people from the power within, which is given by the Holy Spirit as he promised.

God ask that when you hear his voice, you shouldn’t harden your hearts. Instead, listen and know that the word of God is alive and powerful. Don’t run when his word exposes your thoughts and desires. God is above all, nothing is hidden from his eyes. When the water starts roaring, tossing, trying to move your vessel by pushing it away from the bliss… Just remember who has the power, who is and will always be.. For he died so that we could live. Jesus gave us hope, he showed us how to walk in light. He anchored us in truth and love, allowing us to have power over the seas. Nothing can toss our vessel as long as we hold onto this hope.





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