Christian Faith

God’s voice VS Satan’s voice

Decision Making 101

When faced with decision’s you should ask yourself some questions:

1. Is it consistent with scripture?
2. Is it consistent with the character of God?
3. Does it least to change or growth in your life?
4. Is there a sense of healing and a release from past sin?
5. Is there a sense of peace, less anxiety, a feeling of contentment where there was once striving?
6. Does it lead to conviction instead of guilt?

We, as Christians sometimes mistake Satan’s voice for God’s voice. This is so easy because Satan’s voice fits in with our own distortions and misunderstandings about God and how we think he feels about us. Below is a list with detail with the voices of both Satan and God, to help you better understand the differences between them both.



TONE: Accusing, nagging, mocking, fearful, casuses confusion.
DISCOURAGES: Attacks your self-confidence.
BRINGS UP THE PAST: Feeling of sin and shame. Always reminding you of the past.
REJECTION: Feeling that God has rejected you as unholy or unworthy. Making you feel like a horrible sinner, not good enough for God.
ISOLATES: Gives the idea that makes you withdraw from others.



TONE: Gentle and loving urging you back to God.
SPECIFIC: Tells you a specific plan and action to take in response to sin. Freedom always follows.
ENCOURAGES: Says you CAN rely on God’s power, not your own strength.
RELEASES YOU FROM THE PAST: Tells you your sins are forgiven, never to be held against you.
ATTRACTS: An expectation of kindness, love and a new beginning with God’s help.
TRUTHFUL: States the facts about you and God
DRAWS INTO FELLOWSHIP: Sends others to minister to you in love and kindness, showing Mercy and forgiveness along with acceptance.


Remember God loves you as you are. He voice will never hurt you, nor cause confusion. He sets you free, and wants to guide you with tenderness and conviction, not condemnation.



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